Why Supernatural Fans Hate the Series Finale

What is the reason why online reactions to the Supernaturalseries finale have been so negative? Supernatural was launched in 2005. It told the story about Sam and Dean Winchester who started hunting werewolves, vampires, and wendigos and progressed to Lucifer, the archangel Michael and God. The chemistry between Eric Kripke and Supernatural’s top duo made Eric Kripke’s epic tale about […]

The Top 10 Most Hated Series Finales of All Time

10 Star Trek Enterprise (2001-2005). The Star Trek Enterprise finale is arguably the most hated of all the Star Trek shows. It’s both disappointing and frustrating. Fans and cast were angry at the final episode after it was viewed via holodeck in the distant future by The Next Generation. The episode’s disjointed framing device diminished the importance of Enterprise key characters. Viewers couldn’t help feeling let down by […]

The emergence of new subcultures and E-boys

E-boys have been the subject of heated debates since their debut. Social media’s popularity and subsequent development of entirely new ways to express oneself have naturally led to new fashion trends and digital identities. People can express themselves online much easier and have less fear of what other people might think. Some people are not happy with the rapid fashion changes on social […]