Today, there are many services that can be used to create this network. We looked at all of the services that had social proof to compile this list. We also looked at reviews written by previous clients about the products. Because they are fake, we did not consider paying reviews. Here are some metrics that we took into consideration.

These are the Metrics that we used to rank each company in our analysis:

  • Features ScoreThis is based on the number of supported apps. Score between 0 and 10.
  • Easy to Use ScoreIf the service is simple and easy to purchase, 0-10
  • Support Score(The ways customers can contact them) 0-10
  • Trust Score(How much and what are the plans) 0-10
  • Price Score(What previous clients have written online in relation to positive and negative reviews.

We weighed all the numbers and then added them up. The result was the following. This way, the first service receives a five-star rating because it earned 50 points from the above calculation. This is why it ranks higher than the second. All of them are reliable and well worth the price.

Best YouTube Services for 2021

Youtube video promotion platforms are intended to increase channel growth/subscription. Many websites that were reviewed offer packages to increase likes, views and shares. There are many packages available. They come in different sizes and costs. Delivery costs vary depending on which provider you choose. Some providers are mobile-based. Others offer offline solutions. Continue reading to discover the best for your business.

Top 3 YouTube Management Services

A solution that helps with analytics and simplifies the loading of videos is key to channel growth. These platforms are able to facilitate this process. Some of these platforms are not limited to Youtube videos. Some of them can be integrated with other Google apps.

1. TubeBuddy: Taking Youtube Seriously

TubeBuddy is designed specifically for Youtube Creators. The entire dashboard has been created to optimize data, assist with tags, and much more. With in-depth analytics, users can tweak their production to follow the data. Additionally, customers have the ability to “spy” on their competitors. This allows folks to compare their play performance metrics.

The platform also simplifies research, note-taking, publishing, and a host of other intelligently designed tools. Access the tools of the platform by installing the Google Chrome Extension. The mobile application is also included in all price plans when one signs up. This is a Youtube Promotion Service to consider downloading.


  • Loads of Features
  • Unlimited No-Cost Version
  • Chrome Extension
  • Affordable Entry Level Price
  • Facebook Native Posting Feature


  • Limited Zero Cost Version Tools
  • Slight Learning Curve
  • Limited Social Media Integrations

Tubebuddy provides a lot of functionality for users. The premium versions also come equipped with added resources. Access to Stock Music, Mobile Application, Quality Effects and Graphics for channels are included. This is definitely an app in a Youtube Creator’s toolbox. It can facilitate and automate many aspects of video marketing and streaming. With many high-profile users on the platform, it has a high trust score. The platform is reliable and delivers consistent results. Download the Chrome extension.

2. Zype: A Robust Video Network

Zype is not your typical video management solution. It provides a lot of extra features that go far-beyond just Youtube. While it does provide the option to track, monetize, publish and optimize videos on Youtube. It also provides access to other streaming platforms such as Chromecast, Roku and much more. However, it’s still good for marketing.

The platform is not for people who are just starting off with their video. This tool is more used for premium broadcasting and distribution. It would work well for brands that produce high-quality content and would like to offer their consumers the option for streaming it on their favorite “smart TV or app. Nonetheless, if a brand has the ability to support the hefty monthly fee. The value of having your account means access to building apps for various platforms such as Apple, and social media syndication.


  • Massive Network Reach
  • App Development Included
  • Monetization and Subscription-Based Content
  • Social Media Syndication
  • Customized Embedding Options


  • Expensive Price Point
  • No Trials
  • Need to Request a Demo from Developers

Zype is definitely worth the money, but not for everyone to sign up. It doesn’t make sense for people who are new to video creation. The streaming platform feels more like it was designed with Video Distributors in mind. Nonetheless, a customer can leverage the technology to be accessed on virtually all streaming platforms. While $500 per month is steep for most, a brand or business that produce high-quality original content can essentially become a Netflix within a niche.

3. Cyfe: Premium Dashboard Solution

Cyfe is a management tool that assists a brand to declutter their workflow. By taking different apps and streaming it into one unified dashboard. This allows users to view data from different sources. It also makes management much simpler.

A user can sign up to the platform without spending a dime. They do have premium upgraded versions which isn’t too expensive. Essentially, a user gets live updates on different data points in real time. Including news and offline analytics. Considering that it is web-based, it works on Apple devices.


  • Simple User Interface
  • Easy Setup
  • Quick Account Creation
  • Great Support
  • Functional


  • Not Geared Specifically to YouTube
  • 5 Widget Limit on Basic Plan
  • Some Limitations on Setting Metrics

Cyfe is an app that provides users with the option to see live data in one dashboard. It’s not specifically geared for Youtube. It does have a lot of metrics to choose from. This allows people to customize it to suit their Youtube needs. It is something to play around with. Set up everything from News, Apps, Live Streaming Subscriptions, Google Apps and much more.

Top 5 YouTube View & Subscriber Services

Managing a Youtube Channel is not the only aspect one needs to consider. Obtaining Youtube Views are also needed. In the following section, several different audience view/subscriber platforms are discussed. After careful review, they have been broken down and compared to one another.

1. AudienceGain: An Audience Builder

AudienceGain is a well-known company. There are many options available. Although their prices may not be the most affordable on the market, they are still very competitive. Their track record is impressive. This platform can be used for helping to build new channels that don’t have many views or subscribers. These channels can gain social trust which can result in more views and followers. It can also help musicians who are just starting out to make their music heard. It is ideal for people just starting their channels. This platform can help you do just that.


  • Multiple platforms and options
  • Simple user interface
  • Excellent Customer Support
  • Money-Back Guarantees
  • Affiliate Options


  • Some platforms perform better than others
  • There are no monthly packages

Audience Gain does exactly as it claims. It uses marketing instead of living like farmers. All followers are real people. They have no control over how long someone follows your page. If a drop is significant, they offer replacement likes. Audience Gain can be used by both small and large budget businesses.

2. MediaMister: Robust Traffic Generator

MediaMister is another platform focused on getting brands’ likes and followers. With one of the most complete ‘covered options’ on the market, and competitive pricing. It’s definitely a way for people to gain views/followers. One also has the ability to pay with cryptocurrency along with Paypal. The price range is very competitive. The results seem solid.


  • Multiple Platforms
  • Affordable Entry Price
  • Reliable Delivery
  • Cryptocurrency Pay Gate
  • Good Customer Service


  • Quality of Follower
  • Retention Rates
  • Can Get Expensive

There are many options to choose from online. MediaMister has been around for some time. While they do boast a large service catalog, including music promotion. They also don’t have the best quality followers. Their method of acquisition is also not 100% clear. Nonetheless, for brands needing to build up initial follower/ live views, this is an option to explore.

3. NemoViews: Getting more Youtube Views

Nemoviews is primarily dedicated to Youtube marketing. While they do have other options available, Youtube is their prime focus. This means that they have refined their approach to generating views. Prices are competitive, and they do have good retention rates. Having both the option to target views and subscribers, it’s a good option for new channels.


  • Simple User Interface
  • Reasonable Prices
  • Good Retention
  • Good Customer Response
  • Coupon Options


  • Singular Payment Option
  • Limited Options in Terms of Services
  • Sluggish Delivery Times

When looking for a view/subscriber provider, it can be tedious. While Nemoviews does deliver their solutions as promised, sometimes it takes longer. Nonetheless, for those who don’t have a large budget and need views/subscribers. This is an option to explore.

4. CoinCrack: Social Media Reach Tool

Coin Crack is a cost-effective solution to finding views and subscribers on Youtube. They have plenty of other networks also included in their packs. However, in relation to their Youtube packs, it is quite extensive.

With a solid reputation and years of an online presence. The platform delivers on its objectives. It is an option to consider when buying Youtube views, subscribers, and likes.


  • Multiple Social Media Networks
  • Cost-Effective
  • Good Support
  • Good Reviews
  • Crypto Payments


  • Slow Resolution of Disputes
  • Retention Issues

If one is looking to grow a fan base. This platform does provide those options. There are numerous different platforms to target. Specifically, for Youtube, the prices seem fair, and the delivery does occur.

5. TweetAngels: Spreading The Brand

TweetAngels is another platform that has been online for quite some time. They provide social media reach. Additionally, the website includes several different platforms.

Depending on the size of the pack and the platform, prices may vary. For brands looking to grow their networks, this website is an option to check out. They also include a monthly plan.


  • Multiple Platform Options
  • Easy to Use
  • Customer Support
  • Refund Policies
  • Guarantees


  • Dispute Resolution Slow
  • Retention Issues
  • Expensive

With TweetAngels a brand has the ability to grow its followers. There have been issues with retention and dispute resolution. For brands with a budget, this seems like an option to consider.

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