This is the style guide for dark academia. We’ll discuss the dark academia look and how to apply it into your wardrobe in this article. First, let’s define dark academia fashion, and then I’ll show you a few dark academia clothes to get you inspired for your own look!

What exactly are dark academic attire?

The High Quality Dark Academia Clothing at is best described by combining the two aspects of the name.

First and foremost, there’s academia. This aesthetic romanticizes academic concepts such as professors and school uniforms. Also, university life, especially those old and traditional British universities with their libraries.

The Scottish city of Edinburgh, in particular, appears to be a major source of influence for this design.

Dark academia, in terms of attire and fashion, reminds me a lot of preppy fashion. Preppy fashion has its roots in American prep schools and Ivy League colleges, with parts of their uniforms incorporated. In that way, it is unmistakably comparable.

Academic hues are dark.

I believe the distinction is that it is darker and less colorful, which is where the dark factor comes in.

It all comes down to the color palette. Grays, browns, deep reds and maroons, burgundy, black, mustardy hues, emerald colors, fawn colors, and rust are among the colors available. Tweed, historical check, and plaid are some of the most popular fabrics and patterns in the dark academia aesthetic.

Dark academia, in my opinion, has mystical and magical components, similar to Harry Potter. They go to Hogwarts, which is a Scottish castle, so there’s a link there.

Lookbook for dark academia

Let’s look at how you might apply the dark academia look into your personal outfit.

1. Shirt

The first way to include it is to adopt a school uniform appearance. You want to combine school uniform features without appearing to be wearing a school uniform.

You may make school uniforms stylish by incorporating aspects from them. A traditional white button-down shirt is a great option for this. I prefer the pure white, but darker colors are also an option.

A standard collar isn’t required on your shirt. I believe the rounded Peter Pan collars are adorable and go well with the dark academic look.

2. Skirt with pleats

A pleated skirt is the next addition to the school uniform style. This small tennis skirt style is a lot of fun to accomplish. The one I chose is chocolate brown in hue.

3. Cardigan vests

Knitted vests or sweater vests are a delightful trend that is now gaining popularity. The one I’m wearing above has an old-fashioned gray school uniform feel to it, but it also has a lovely ruffle on the sleeves that makes it fashionable.

4. Tie

A knot around the neck is another lovely addition to your dark academic ensembles. A fabric tie or a ribbon in a small bow at the neck also looks nice. A tie lends some academic flair to the ensemble.

5. Blazer

Let’s now integrate that eerie professorial feel. I believe it begins with the use of traditional materials and patterns such as tweed, heritage chic, and plaid, particularly in brown and fawn tones.

When I think of a professor, I imagine them wearing brown. The blazer I’m wearing today was my father’s enormous blazer, which I tailored to fit me. The checkered fabric gives off a strong dark academic vibe, and it also has elbow patches!

More elbow patches in vogue are needed. They give off an old-school academic professor vibe right away!

Knitted sweater, no. 6

I’m wearing my favorite knit sweater in those lovely red tones, which goes perfectly with the dark academic vibe, and it even has elbow patches!

Cardigan No. 7

Cardigans are another wonderful item to experiment with. I have a small beige cardigan that I prefer to drape over my shoulders instead of wearing it properly. Maybe I’ll just carry some books and pretend to be going to class. I believe it’s a really cute look.

8. Plaid

Now I’d like to talk about plaid, which looks fantastic in that dark academic color palette. I’m sporting a lovely red checkered coat in this photo. Doesn’t this coat scream Gryffindor to you?

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