Want to produce algorithm-friendly YouTube content?

Are you wondering how to draw viewers and keep them interested?

This article will explain how to:Find 15 strategies and tips to optimize your YouTube video content throughout the production process.

#1: Make a commitment to posting to YouTube multiple times per week

Recent research has shown that YouTube channels posting more than once per week have higher ratings and are more popular. As much as possible, upload a video to YouTube at least three times per week. This is especially important if you are just starting out and trying to build an audience. A regular posting schedule and multiple posts per week will quickly increase your channel’s ranking in the algorithm.

Your channel will perform better in the algorithm if you create a lot of content at the beginning that covers similar topics.Create a content library that will. You can help Get Fans move from one video to the next this will increase your watch time and give them a reason for signing up.

#2: Create a sustainable video production workflow

Although you might make Oscar-worthy videos and short films, if each one takes six months to create, your YouTube channel won’t grow. People return to YouTube for more if they are regularly able to upload videos at regular times.

No matter what kind of video you’d like to make, Choose content you are able to create and maintain on a regular basis. And find ways to simplify your production process doesn’t matter if you are setting up a studio or creating an editing template. Or hiring assistants for a production crew. You can keep refining your topics, and your production workflow until you have a smooth operation.

Tip:The best thing you can do is set up a small studio for video production when you’re ready to shoot, just turn on the lights.

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#3: Begin Each Video With an Interesting Hook

Your content and how you connect with viewers will determine how you get them to click. Video features can be any type of project.Show the final result first. People will be more interested in seeing how you achieve it if the result is stunning. This is a great approach for DIY and makeover videos. This is an example:Cute Girls HairstylesAlways show the final result first before you explain how to make a hairstyle.

Stories are another way of communicating your thoughts. Pique viewers’ interest. Stories are what people are wired for. You can tell stories when youStart your video by telling a story people will want to stay and see the results. Personal stories are a great way to make the presenter feel more human and can sometimes be a useful bridge to more complex ideas.

To demonstrate, Michael from VSauce is a master at starting his videos with an intriguing story or idea that leads into the subject matter.

However, you need to hook viewers.Make sure that your opener is directly related to the subject matter. Viewers clicked because of their interest,Quick Get into the topic they are interested in..

YouTubers may be known for creating intrigue by telling a story or relating facts that are completely out of the topic. This tactic is most effective if you have a large following that trusts and respects you.

#4: Keep titles and opening credits short

Attention spans can be short. People can lose interest in videos if they have a long title or credit sequence. People won’t binge watch the same long opening sequence repeatedly, so it is important to avoid long titles and credit sequences at the beginning of a video.

Instead, keep your credits and opening title short and punchy.Keep the entire opener to no more than 5 seconds. This is a great example.Crystal Joy’sTitle sequence is short and sweet. It’s also delightfully unique.

#5: Use End Screens to Market Your Videos, Channels, and Websites.

End screens are interactive graphics that provide links to other videos, playlists, channels, pages, or prompt people to subscribe to your channel. You can, as the name implies, use end screens. Add end screens. You can only use the last 20 seconds of your video.Plan where the end screens should appear.

There are two options: Frame your video so that there is enough space for end screens. The viewer will be engaged by the conversation on the screen at the end.

Or you can Add a logo or image to the slate so that you can place the screens at the ends. If you don’t want your content to be interrupted by the end screen, this option is helpful.

End screens work best when the presenter on the screen is still speaking and providing information to the viewers. Viewers are more likely to leave a page if you simply show a screen with the same color or design as before. YouTube’s viewers have been trained to click that way for a while. You can help us by sharing this article.Continue to provide information will.Give viewers reasons to stay.

You can extend the session length by adding a video or playlist end screen.

YouTube values session length because it wants people to stay on the platform. Session length refers to the time that a viewer spends viewing videos. Your video will be promoted in the algorithm if you increase session length by directing viewers to another YouTube video, playlist, or other YouTube video.

Consider where your viewers will go after viewing your video. And send them to the end screens(links in the video description). Marques Brownlee does a great job of directing people from one video to another on a similar subject through end screens such as the one shown here.

#6: Remove Distractions from Your Video

People can find the most interesting videos by looking at them if they are bored, have long pauses, talk too much, bounce from one topic to another, or just plain boring.Keep tangents to an absolute minimum. If you do, don’t forget to tell a story or use images.Give viewers no reason to leave.

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