It’s important that children feel safe and confident in the water as young as possible, especially with LA having a beach or lake just around the corner. Parents often choose private or semi-private lessons, as the quality of group swimming classes at a local YMCA. These lessons aren’t expensive or require a private pool. These lessons can help kids get on the fast track towards independent swimming. These are some great ways to get kids swimming safely.

After your kids have mastered swimming, you can check out the local beaches and pools where they can continue to practice and have fun.

Swim Instructors in LA Who Come To You

SwimRight Anywhere

You can choose to learn at home or in the pool of your choosing. The inland side 405 is the territory of Lenny Krayzelburg (Olympic gold medalist and swim school impresario). His academy, located at the JCC on Miracle Mile, features a unique learn-to-swim technique that was developed by the Olympic star. There are several classes available, including private, group, parent, and tot classes, as well pre-swim team training. Through its Swim Right Academy, lessons can also be taken at home.

LA Swim Safari

You can choose to learn at home or in the pool of your choice. LA Swim Safari is a strictly in-home option. It focuses on learning by doing, in a child’s own pool. Based on the child’s needs and age, private and semi-private classes can be offered. Classes last between 30-45 minutes and take place in either a classroom or at home.

North Valley Swim – Children’s Swimming Lessons

North Valley Swim offers lessons at your home or in the pool of choice. CPR and lifeguarding lessons are also available.

Head above Water

West LA and at your pool. Families with private pools may arrange for home visits. Everyone else can take lessons in the West LA saltwater pool. Except for semi-private Parent & Me classes which are not available, all lessons can be purchased individually or in blocks. HAW also provides Lifeguard services.


Cheviot Hills, South Bay, and at your home. poolkidSwim, a developmental swim school, offers parent-child classes, one on one lessons and in-home lessons. This unique program helps children develop motor, sensory, and communication skills that are aligned with the American Academy of Pediatrics guidelines.

Private swimming lessons in LA at Swim School Pools

One with the water

Santa Monica, Santa Monica and Culver City are some of the locations. One with the Water is a swim school that focuses on helping students feel comfortable and safe in the water. Special needs students are also welcome at the school.

Water Otters

WinnetkaWater Otters is based on the assumption that 90% of swimming is learning and 10% comfort in the water. The school has a private, shaded outdoor pool that is heated. There are many lesson options, from Baby & me to older children to those with special needs. Private lessons are offered in three-week cycles. Baby & Me classes last five weeks.

Jim Herrick Swim School for Kids – Swimming Lessons

Valley VillageValley Village families praise Jim Herrick Swim school, which has been around for many generations. Everyone at the school follows Herrick’s laid-back, stress-free, personal approach. Both private lessons and classes can be arranged and paid either one-by-one or monthly. Private lessons, parent and I, and pre-swim teams are all available.

LA Surf and Swim

Santa Monica and Venice. Coach Syd, of LA Surf and Swim, is responsible for the Westside’s most successful swimmers. His team and he have a Zen-like calm that helps students, from babies to toddlers to seniors, relax their fears. This is usually done in semi-private, tandem lessons. The school offers surfing lessons and ocean swimming classes. You can book individual lessons online.

Waterworks Aquatics Swim School

Multiple Quality Condo Swimming Lessons locationsWaterworks Aquatics offers swimming lessons at multiple locations throughout Los Angeles and Orange County. Swim instructors use “muscle memory” techniques to help students learn quickly. You can choose from private or semi-private lessons, Parent and me, Stroke Clinic, or both.

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