What is the reason why online reactions to the Supernaturalseries finale have been so negative? Supernatural was launched in 2005. It told the story about Sam and Dean Winchester who started hunting werewolves, vampires, and wendigos and progressed to Lucifer, the archangel Michael and God. The chemistry between Eric Kripke and Supernatural’s top duo made Eric Kripke’s epic tale about family and fantasy last longer than anyone could have imagined. It spanned 15 seasons. The audience watched Sam & Dean transform from young boys into fully-grown men. Supernatural’s fans became some of the most passionate and loyal in television.

Supernatural feels the wrong end for all of their passion after the eagerly awaited finale. The Winchesters’ last run of Supernatural was announced in an emotional video. The premiere began in grand style. After Chuck opened the gates to hell, Sam and Dean faced a variety of old villains. Once the satanic orifice had been closed, it was time for a cataclysmic fight against the Almighty. Supernatural Season 15 was canceled due to the coronavirus epidemic, but it will return in October 2020 for a final series of episodes.

Due to the death of a key character and a simple fight against Chuck, the build-up to Supernatural’s final episode had already been controversial. The final episode, “Carry On”, would continue on this divisive course. The general reaction to Supernatural’s finale was mixed feelings of disappointment and indifference. While there are some positives (most notably in the performances of Jensen Ackles, Jared Padalecki’s, as you can see), the criticism of “Carry On” is louder than its praise. These are the most controversial points among fans.

A Lackluster Plot

Supernatural bravely forgoes the New TV Series finale format. Virtually every plot thread was tied off in episode penultimate, leaving only one hour to be devoted to Sam and Dean Winchester. This was logical in theory. This made sense in theory. The brothers were the heartbeat of Supernatural. Ending the show with a Winchester-centric episode could have been a fitting way to say goodbye after 15 years. However, “Carry On”, a show that was billed as anti-climactic, didn’t live up to the hype. Supernatural’s final story is primarily a “monster-of-the-week” story with a small group of vampires on a killing spree and the Winchesters taking over the case. Supernatural is becoming more mythological in recent years. Fans expected the finale would be epic. “Carry On” returns to Supernatural’s original season 1. While some viewers might enjoy this return to simpler times but many viewers were disappointed by the Winchesters’ smaller-scale, lower-stakes finale hunt.

Fans also point out the absence of character comebacks during Supernatural’s finale as a problem. Except for Bobby from season 1 and a vampire, “Carry On,” is sparse on familiar faces. Castiel Jack, Eileen, and Bobby are all conspicuously absent. In a show that treats cast members like family, viewers were expecting more star power for Supernatural’s finale. COVID-19 could have played a role in this. Although it’s unclear how much the Supernatural final was modified to account for the pandemics, filming restrictions may have prevented Misha Collins or Alexander Calvert from making more appearances. If the finale of Supernatural had been filmed earlier, would it have received a better reception?

Death Winchester’s

The death of Dean Winchester is undoubtedly the most significant moment in “Carry On”, but many fans don’t like how it ended. Sam and Dean have a legend among their celestial and monstrous enemies since defeating the Woman in White in Supernatural’s first episode. They have overcome mythological demons, biblical warriors, primordial entities, and mythological demons. Yet, the only obstacle Dean Winchester could not overcome was a rusty spot in a barn. Even the villain who impaled Jensen Ackles wasn’t a baddie. The episode’s plot shows that Dean’s death was the most popular online sentiment.

Memes quickly reacted to Dean’s unglamorous exit, laughing at the rather mundane way the eldest Winchester bow out. It’s fitting that Dean Winchester, the veteran of the two, dies on a mission rather than lying in bed, as he was always the stronger of the two. Many viewers argue that Dean deserves a more dramatic farewell. Dean could have at least died saving the Earth or taking down a villain worthy of his long and distinguished career. Dean was instead blindfolded, drunk, and one-armed on his last mission.

Poor Representation

Supernatural’s last three episodes have had a lot of complaints from Twitter users about how the show handles homosexual characters. This issue was first highlighted in “Despair”, when Castiel, a gay man, declared his love for Dean just before he was killed by the Empty. Half-jokingly, half-sorry, viewers observed that Castiel died as soon as Castiel was revealed, which is quite common in TV and film. It’s also known as the “Bury Your Gays” trope. This is a common TV trope that implies TV shows are more likely to write off gay characters than their hetero counterparts. Some Supernatural viewers saw Castiel’s death as disappointingly continuing this trend. Castiel never addressed Dean’s feelings toward him and he was killed off in the finale. This only added fuel to the stereotype fire.

Although it is impossible to know for certain if Castiel and Dean died in the wake of the angel’s heartfelt goodbye speech, it is easy to see why Supernatural viewers were not impressed by the quality of the representation. Although it is possible to see a romantic connection between Dean Castiel, this has been largely portrayed in fan fiction and not on the actual episodes of Supernatural. However, Misha Collins, Castiel’s actor, confirmed that his final scene was meant as a romantic admission. No matter what motivations Supernatural had in killing the pair, a gay relationship between the two main characters was established. Nothing of substance happened before either character died.

Words Left Unsaid

Many viewers feel that Supernatural’s final episode deserved a bigger plot. However, it also left too many details for the imagination. There are many details covered, including the deaths of both the Winchester brothers and the fate of the entire world. Heaven is getting a makeover. Supernatural still had a lot to cover after 15 years. The legacy of the Winchester brothers is one of the most overlooked. The Winchester brothers were a force for good in the monster-killing world and inspired many other hunters during their lifetime. The audience is introduced to Sam’s son, his “legacy”, but Dean’s passing goes by without much fanfare. The 15-season legacy of Sam and Dean Winchester is evident, and the finale was a great opportunity to reflect on their achievements. Fans were left wondering “What was the point of it all?” Dean died as any hunter and Sam’s adult life was quickly glossed over in a montage sequence.

Few finale episodes cover all unresolved questions (just ask Loss), but Supernatural leaves out some basic information. For example, what happens to the Bunker? Supernatural might have featured an emotional scene in which the keys to Bunker are handed to new generations of hunters. This would have reassured viewers that the Earth will be taken care of in the absence of Sam and Dean. Eileen is not confirmed to be the mother of Sam’s child. A framed photo of the mantle would have sufficed. As mentioned above, what happens when Dean reunites with Castiel in the afterlife. Are angels and humans able to embrace in loving embrace? Or does Dean have to awkwardly explain that he views Cass more like a brother?

Sam Winchester’s Aging

The montage that takes Sam Winchester from his deathbed to the present is the most hilarious in Supernatural’s ending. These clips are all fine, except for the second clip in which Dean Jr. (pre-school) plays catch on his front lawn with his dad. When Sam is helping his son with homework, his eyebrows start to rise. He doesn’t look one day older than the moment the episode started. The best part is yet to come… Jared Padalecki, an aged Sam Winchester scene, has Jared wearing a cardigan and glasses with a terrible gray wig but still looking like a 40-year old. This getup has been compared with everything, from Doc Brown to a cartoon professor selling cereals on TV. After Supernatural‘s finale, Old Man Sam quickly became the symbol of fan opinion – it was rushed and roughed up but still made the audience cry.

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